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It feels good. Someone who knows her family may see her. But she's sure she won't be recognised, because when she goes to meet her girlfriend, she removes the hijab she wears at home.

Nella was 17 years old when she fell in love with a girl for the first time. They met through sport - something Nella had been passionate about since she was a young girl. She was from a conservative Muslim family. Dating was not an option, let alone with a woman.

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Nella was born in the city of Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. The country, which is one of the world's poorest, is located in the African Great Lakes region. It has struggled to gain stability since the end of a civil war inand when it does hit the international headlines, it's mainly this image that is portrayed. When she was a teenager, Nella dreamed of going to university. But her family were constantly urging her to get married.

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They would introduce her to members of the extended family, in the hope they could find a match. When her parents died, Nella's brothers increased the pressure.

There was no money for an education, they said, and besides they didn't believe a woman needed one. They knew of a rich man who was interested in her. There was little time to lose, they insisted. At 20 she was getting on a bit.

As a woman from a country like hers, Nella says her rights were already diminished.

The couple barely communicated and she dreaded intimacy. After the birth of her youngest child, Nella says she began to feel like the most isolated woman in the world.

She doesn't want to go into much detail about her marriage.

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She turned to social media and carried out searches for women who like women. Suddenly, she realised she was not alone.

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What she discovered was that there is a shorthand, a secret code, that local lesbian women use to reach out to each other. It largely relies on internet shorthand, obscure symbols used by lesbians around the world. Nella would send these images and emoticons to other women. Those in the know would respond. Buoyed by what she found, Nella began connecting with women online.

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Women like her. Women who soon became her closest friends. Inher husband found out about these conversations and her marriage broke down.

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He vowed to keep her sexuality a secret from the wider community for the sake of their children. We are just one part of it. She was brought up by strict parents in a suburban neighbourhood of Bujumbura. She and her siblings had to be home earlier than their friends.

What she discovered was that there is a shorthand, a secret code, that local lesbian women use to reach out to each other. It largely relies on internet shorthand, obscure symbols used by lesbians

Niya had to dress conservatively and was expected to act in a demure way. Niya preferred friendships with boys but these never developed into crushes. At 14, she became a Christian.

Thinking that part of her faith meant that she should avoid dating, she put her lack of romantic interest in boys down to a commitment to God. At 22, she met a woman who was also in her early 20s, through mutual friends.

Bonding over their love of music, they formed a fast friendship.

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Back at home, thinking about what had happened, Niya realised that she had feelings for her friend. The pair began to date in secret. It had nothing to do with religion. Two years later, Niya felt she had to tell one person in her immediate family. She chose one of her brothers.

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She had looked up YouTube videos of lesbian vloggers in other parts of the world. She watched films featuring same-sex couples and read a lot of reports on lesbian, bisexual and queer LBQ communities.

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She began to understand the language of the internet. The BBC messaged Niya to tell her that we would be using images of a violet to illustrate the memes.

We chose the symbol - which differs vastly from the symbols the women use - because lesbian women in the s were said to give violets to their girlfriends. Watching the YouTube videos had confirmed to Niya that she was not alone. But where were the other gay women in Burundi?

Leila had grown up in a loving, supportive middle-class family in Bujumbura city. She was popular. She had a boyfriend. After months of thinking about her continuously, she needed to share her feelings. Leila texted the friend. The two agreed to draw a line under the embarrassing episode. Relieved, Leila put her months of infatuation down to a phase.

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It had been a one-off crush, with one woman. I cried. We convinced ourselves it was a phase.

I said I would. So I dumped him and started dating a cute guy. But when he looked at her quizzically, she says the full realisation of who she is hit her. I am a lesbian, Leila told herself.

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But she still hoped there would be a way out of it. She prayed. She meditated. She became angry with herself.

You have the moment when you realise that there is no going back. This is you. You are gay. Your plans and expectations for what you thought life would be need to adjust.

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Then there is the second coming out, the public coming out, to the people around you. When she came out to herself, Leila began to look for other gay people.

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She doubted there would be women like her in Burundi, but she searched videos on Facebook and YouTube seeking lesbians in other countries. Initially her mother took it badly. But as the days passed she began to ask more questions. The family agreed that as a lesbian woman in Burundi, Leila was already in a vulnerable position.

They could protect her while she was in the family home, but they could not guarantee her safety outside if the wrong people found out. There was a shorthand, a recognition. You become an expert in body language, eye contact. A meme we may have picked up from somewhere else, or a coded phrase.

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Nothing that anyone else outside the lesbian community would ever be able to pick up on. Another woman, year-old Mia, is also a fan. RELATED: These Are the Moves That Really Make Women Orgasm, According to Science.

When it comes to oral sex moves, 69 is at the top of the list.

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I can pull my partner close. I can hold her, cradle her. While, 69 is usually shown with a top and a bottom, try different configurations, including with you both lying on your sides, which may be more comfortable.

Scissoring typically involves two people reclining on their sides and grinding their pelvises, legs tangled and swiveling. It can be awkward to maneuver into a position that feels good, especially when you have a different body type than your partner, or if neither of you is very flexible.

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Plus, holding yourself in position as you rub against your partner requires some upper body strength. It takes work, it takes energy, it takes endurance.

But communicate with your partner, it can be fun to switch. If your partner prefers deeper penetration, try propping their hips up on a pillow, which will open them up to allow for deeper penetration. RELATED: Yes, There Are 11 Different Types of Orgasms.

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