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The MadAss weighs pounds. It is available in silver, yellow and flat black pictured in this review. The stacked headlight looks pretty cool and works well. The dash is digital and was easy to read even in sunlight.

There is a speedometer and trip meter, fuel gauge and indicator lights for the turn signals, high-beam and neutral. In addition to the electric push-button start, there is also a kick-starter. I cannot, in my wildest dreams, imagine carrying a passenger on this bike. There is no storage. Riding Impressions. My nephew Avery warned me that the bike would be slow before I ever swung a leg over it.

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The MadAss started right up and consumed its entire power band in first gear just to get rolling onto the street. The minimalist-looking seat was actually comfortable. After riding for about 45 minutes, I started to notice that the seat got a bit warm from the exhaust that is directly under it. Not bad mind you, but one does notice it. That little 50cc stock motor is not going to impress anyone with performance.

It is, however, likely to do just fine at transporting one from point to point, reliably, for a long period of time. I would expect that tough little 50 to do the job without much complaint in nearly any circumstance. Frankly, it was difficult to build up enough speed to push the handling capabilities of the MadAss.

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From my few hours of riding, the suspension felt just fantastic. The bike is light, solid, and incredibly easy to handle. No mushy feeling or wallowing even with the aforementioned pounds on board. Fit and Finish. You are getting a great deal of outstanding machine for your money. I could not find ANY flaws in the components or assembly.

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Conclusions - Stock 50cc Version. Despite the outstanding quality of the Sachs MadAss 50, I cannot say that I would purchase one. I am just to physically big to be happy getting around with that stock 50cc motor. From an aesthetic point of view, the stacked headlight contributes enormously to both the looks and the performance. Moreover, the dashboard is digital, making it easier for the rider to read numbers even in the sun. The dashboard contains one speedometer, one trip meter, the fuel gauge, and indicator lights for indicating the turn signals, high-beam, and neutral.

Mad ass mad ass bike

In addition to this, the motorcycle features a "dual" seat, where the passenger seating is positioned higher than the rider section.

In conclusion, it's only fair to state that almost every element of the Sachs MadAss exhibits "quality. It would be a huge disservice to describe it as a significant must-have under a conservative budget.

This bike is ideally suited for individuals who have minimal to average physical features.

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This bike comes with a maximum speed of 32 MPH, which is neither too much nor too less when it comes to the usual standards. Are driving 1 Subscribed 0 Discussions 0. write to feed. MadAss 50, Peugeot Kisbee 50 RS, Longjia Firefox 50 2T.

20/12/ Avery has purchased a Sachs MadAss from BlueCat Motors in St. Paul, Minnesota with the intention of it being a "project" bike. We will begin with a "regular" review of the stock 50cc Sachs MadAss. Next we will look at the modifications done to the bike, and then we will review the completed, enhanced bike A longer version of the drive by. The tape in the camera got a bit gibbled so there are some weird moments where the movie slows down or speeds up. I swear 15/4/ Called the SaXXX MadAss E, the latest bike delivers power and acceleration similar to its cc Honda-powered cousins without any harmful carbon emissions at the vehicle level. Off the line, the 0 RPM torque peak - more than lb-ft of tire-shredding TQ by the way - of the electric motor might even make it the preferred choice for urban assault runs on packed city streets!

Longjia Raptur 50 2T. Everywhere there was traffic, I could make out drivers and passengers eye-balling us, and riders and pedestrians were literally turning their heads with trying-to-control-myself expressions and smiles of amazement.

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We reached the factory and I quizzed Mr. Nizam on the top speed, fuel consumption and basic maintenance. Another thing to take note here is that there is absolutely no storage space whatsoever, maybe in keeping up with the barebones concept and feel, so you might have to bolt on a storage box if you are always carrying things.

Nizam told me that he has been long term endurance testing this bike since October last year prior to its market release and is happy to report that there has been no failure on any of the parts yet.

Is also economically trendy because the fuel consumption is a planet-saving km for 5. And the most important trend to follow, this bike made me feel like a college kid again, deducting at least 15 years of my age! Now I can throw out all those vitamins supplements and anti aging cream and hair colourings! More w BW : Motorcycle Reviews Mofaz Factory Tour.

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Here in the USA they are imported by Peirspeed and sold through local dealers. The seating position is indeed unique and I also found myself looking for a tank to grip. Moving the shock and adjusting the preload lowers the seat about 1.

It is limited to about 55 mph, so no freeway driving, but at lbs I can easily load it in the back of my shortbed pickup and take it anywhere.

There are a variety of aftermarket parts for the bike from rear sprockets to complete engine swaps. Thanks for reviewing the bike.

I have a lot of fun on mine and I hope more people will get out and try one! The bike immediately appealed to me because it reminds me so much of my first bike; a CT70h. Both bikes share the same engine the Sachs is a dead-ringer of the Honda designa similar frame design and a fun-to-ride spirit.

This bike is ideally suited for individuals who have minimal to average physical features. This bike comes with a maximum speed of 32 MPH, which is neither too much nor too less when it comes to the usual standards. Profile Model: Sachs Madass 50 Year: Category: Scooter. Engine and Transmission

I owned a motorcycle import business in the UK in the early I would be very interested I getting this bike in to the UK. very appealing. Hi guys.

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I gave one of these Sachs Madass scooters in South Africa. Love it.

As living costs bite into consumers' wallets, and traffic congestion becomes worse on a daily basis, many who commute to work on a daily basis are looking fo 14/10/ Definitely not a mini bike at all! The MadAss is full sized and climbing aboard, I confirmed that it's actually sized for normal people. I am 5 feet 11 and a half inches and sitting on it was quite on the tall side, with my feet stretched to the ground from the very plush padded wide seat Sachs MadAss 50, Photo Gallery, Video, Specs, Features, Offers, Similar Models and More

My second one in 10 years. Had this one, so far, for around 3 years now. Just yesterday started giving me problems.

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Please help. She starts and idles fine, but as soon as I put her into gear, she cuts out?

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First Impressions When I first saw photos of the MadAss in a magazine a few years back, I was stunned. Closer Inspection I was expecting to find a mini bike, styled for small teenagers or vertically challenged people, closer to the famous Honda Monkey or Kawasaki KSR with small wheels and hidden-between-traffic-seat height. Details and Style The first thing that jumped out to me, or rather not jumping at all, was the instrumentation.

Revolutionary Design and Concept First let me describe the fuel tank. Here We Go! Handling and Cornering Prowess Upon arriving at our intended spot, I rode solo while Mr. Special Thanks to Mr. Nizam Selamat and Mr. Ahmad Rizal for the ride and the factory tour report! w BW Video: Sachs MadAss MOMOS Sachs MadAss - Specifications Engine Engine: Air-cooled, 4-stroke Displacement: Warranty: 1 year or 10, km 2 year in U.

Design: Germany Assembled: Malaysia Manufactured: China U. Distributor: Peirspeed Georgia.

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