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I love to be trained, to have a good process of a slut submissive gurl and execute my female roles. I'm a submissive sissy and in the club I adopt always ultra-feminine behaviors and perform my feminine slutty activities under the guidance of many Dominant partners.

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A very good sissy training is a my usual and favorite performances in the night! Maid Barbie locked in a deep blue satin uniform with black trim and apron with long tails, matching satin maids cap covered with black lace with satin bow and lace tails, deep blue heels with strap. A bespoke feature of these shoes is that the ankle straps are held on with leather loops rather than easily cut elastic loops.

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Maid barbie feels even more controlled than normal because Mistress Lady Penelope has locked the shoes on. The geometry of these "serving" shoes force her posture forward so her centre of gravity is only just above the contact area so she is always in imminent danger of falling over. This makes her take short mincing strides and feel and look vulnerable. The slightest nudge could push her over. To avoid this she must curtsey, and be obedient, respectul, attentive and loyal at all times. As if this were not humbling enough, the padlocks on the ankle straps can be linked with a hobble chain making recovery from the slightest stumble or Mistress' nudge impossible.

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A maid is not allowed to sit while on duty so always feels in danger. A further restriction of a hobble chain between her shoes is putting on trousers or pants is impossible, nor can she remove or don knickers, stockings, tights etc. Part of survey of all my shoes, old and new, perfect and worn out.

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Warts and all as Cromwell said. To find out more about maid training, sissy training, corporal punishment or Mistress'cross dressing service, have a look at Mistress' web site ladyp. She fantasised about being a maid for years before when she submitted to Mistress Lady Penelope for maid training. Mistress had been expertly training sissy maids for many years before that. Mistress expertly moulded her and graciously gave her the name Sissy Barbie for which Barbie is truly grateful.

Maid gif behind teen

She feels it is a huge honour to be named after Mistress' favourite doll and for Mistress to choose what she is to wear just as Mistress did as a girl for her plastic dolly.

At the very first maid training session, Barbie learned to love humiliation much to her surprise. Barbie also learned to love her Mistress and it to make pleasing her Mistress her highest priority, to put serving her Mistress at the centre of her existence, the thing which gives her life meaning.

The devotion of a maid to her Mistress is a one way thing, the maid expects nothing in return, her only pleasure is vicarious, either for the pleasure Mistress gets from Barbie's service or when Mistress chooses to relate her successes and pleasure she has felt when away from Barbie.

Barbie knows she has been manipulated into feeling the way she does, she adores being controlled, her submissive feelings are wonderful to her, she is truly humble, respectful and obedient and when she does wrong she accepts her punishment in the knowledge that it is given to make her a better maid. It is a dream come true. If you are interested in maid training, look at Mistress Lady Penelope's excellent free web site ladyp.

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Close up of the matching blue padlock through the zip's pull tab and through the two metal rings of the collar.

This prevents sissy barbie removing her uniform without permission of Mistress Lady Penelope.

Mistress has found this form of discipline highly effective. Only when a long hard day's work has been completed to Mistress' satisfaction might the padlock key and the key to the servant's quarters be given to the maid. Naturally the key to the maid's chastity device is retained by her Mistress.

Once sissy barbie has returned to the servant's quarters she can unlock the padlock and remove her uniform. As her petticoat has an attached bodice and shoulder straps, she cannot remove that until the uniform has been removed.

Sometimes when it is likely she will be called, she is not given the key to the padlock and has to sleep in uniform ready to 'scramble' within seconds of being called to serve. This does tend to flatten her petticoat unfortunately and that has to rectified the following day.

If the maid has been negligent in her duties in any way or does not pass Mistress Lady Penelope's inspection of her work and attire, she will not be given any keys but instead be locked in the sturdy steel cage in Mistress' dungeon as punishment.

The cage has a hard floor and is too small for any more than a cat nap.

All night the errant maid will be shifting from one uncomfortable position to another in the cold dark dungeon, not knowing the time. She will remain silent to avoid further punishment for waking her Mistress in her nice soft warm bed.

The maid will worry all night that she has angered her Mistress so much that Mistress Lady Penelope might decide to leave her locked up for two nights and the intervening day too. Sissy barbie knows that would be very severe punishment and will do everything humanly possible during her working day to avoid making her Mistress decide to do that.

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She also worries that perhaps Mistress Lady Penelope might be so busy that Mistress simply forgets to release her. The maid knows she is an insignificant convenience in Mistress Lady Penelope's life, Mistress might very well notice when she does not get her breakfast in bed but then forget that her maid is not cleaning the house, doing the laundry and all the other things she does unseen, Mistress Lady Penelope might get so excited by her social life that she forgets that her maid is locked in a little cage in the dungeon, dutifully remaining silent, not knowing whether it is day or night but acutely feeling the passage of every minute and regretting what she did to be receiving such severe punishment.

Sissy barbie will be waiting to hear her Mistress' footsteps and when she hears them, praying Mistress will come towards the dungeon door, unlock it and turn on the light.

The maid will probably cower and quiver in case she is to be punished further, all the time hoping she is to be released, though she knows when that happens she will be required to begin a new days work, after a visit to the bathroom, fluffing out her petticoat and correcting whatever she did wrong the day before. The loss of one night's sleep is bad, but two nights in a row is torture, so the errant maid will be very careful not to risk another and will perform her duties to the letter despite being very weary.

She will be extremely grateful to her Mistress for her release.

The maid will have lost all track of time and if Mistress Lady Penelope is feeling magnanimous, might tell her maid how long she has been caged.

Deportment training at www.

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Maid Barbie in baby blue and maid Katie in yellow. In Mistress Lady Penelope's large well equipped kitchen. They both stand at attention ready for inspection by Mistress Lady Penelope, fanning out their petticoats and skirts. Later when Mistress enters the room they avert their eyes and curtsey in unison and wait for permission to rise. Mistress Lady Panelope keeps them down while Mistress checks they are curtseying correctly and the pain in their legs reminds them who is dominant and who is submissive.

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Their fear of Mistress finding fault with their uniform or their posture or even a look in their eyes continues, indeed heightens after they are allowed to rise for they know punishment will surely follow any faults their hawk eyed Mistress might notice. Fortunately they pass inspection and begin the preparation of Sunday dinner.

Much later they serve dinner and drinks at the grand dining table and stand at attention again whilst Mistress Lady Penelope and guests eat, ready to instantly make any whim of their Mistress into a reality. After Mistress has enjoyed a glorious meal they clear away and do the washing up etc.

Once the kitchen is back ship shape they report to their Mistress and if Mistress is exceptionally pleased with their culinery skills and the service they have given, they might be allowed to eat any leftovers in the kitchen.

If not they get to eat the same boring food as they do most days. specialist for all transgender: www.

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Rear close up looking particularly prim and proper, showing the padlock through uniform zip and two metal rings which prevent this maid removing her uniform. She would be too afraid to go out dressed as she is, so she is trapped in the house. She cannot revolt and leave so has no choice but to meekly and humbly obey her Mistress' every instruction to the letter. Answering back or failing to comply would bring disciplinary action and if she should fail to submit to that then it would be instant dismissal and ejection from Mistress' house dressed as she is, penniless, homeless, still locked in chastity and in uniform, voluminous petticoat, no possessions, not even a tissue to wipe her tears away.

With such a threat hanging over her, sissy barbie always chooses to submit to whatever form of discipline her Mistress has decided to inflict on her.

It is important to a maid to please her Mistress in everything she does, wearing Mistress' favourite colour makes barbie extra happy.

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She is also wearing a slave collar which is never removed even in the shower and the maid must keep it sparkling. It is a constant reminder to all that she is Mistress Lady Penelope's property, a mere domestic appliance existing only to humbly serve her Mistress.

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Mistress' world is all about pleasure except for occasionally disciplining her maid, which actually Mistress also finds pleasurable. The stainless steel chasity belt is only removed for inspection of it's contents to ensure it is clean and healthy, though Mistress motivates the maid by saying it might be temporarily removed as a reward for truly exceptional service.

Despite all this the maid is smiling, and not just because Mistress demands her maid is happy and smiling, which she does.

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She actually likes the routine of domestic chores and does not find them boring. She does of course find it hard work but expects that. Mistress Lady Penelope does give her maid many other tasks to perform and sometimes overoads the maid's pathetic memory and when this happens the maid is naturally punished.

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She does her best to obey her Mistress but loves it when she can get back to her safe, boring routine chores. She also loves to look pretty for Mistress Lady Penelope and colour matching her shoes and gloves to each uniform, and also loves getting a new uniform in a new subtley different shade and loves when her Mistress notices it is new.

She likes to curtsey and say "Yes Mistress Lady Penelope" with her skirt fanned out, her eyes humbly averted, with her pinkie fingers raised for that is safe, she cannot get into trouble by saying something wrong. She is of course frustrated, not the least sexually and her chastity belt sees to that, but in many other ways too, she would like to do something for herself once in a while but the daily grind of her existence precludes that, serving Mistress fills her life, she has no time for other things and suspects that Mistress often makes up tasks for her purely to keep her busy and that is the most frustrating thing of all.

The uniform is trimmed with black satin and lace. Rear close up showing padlock through uniform zip and two metal rings which prevent this maid removing her uniform. Answering back or failing to comply would bring punishment and if she should fail to submit to that then it would be instant dismissal and ejection from Mistress' house dressed as she is, penniless, homeless, still locked in chastity and in uniform, yard petticoat, no possessions, not even a tissue to wipe her tears away.

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