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We were well matched intellectually, but we all had quite different worldviews, so it was nice challenge for us to be mutually respectful of each other's ideas while trying to challenge one another as coherently as possible. We spent much time on the road exchanging ideas, trying on stuff for size, or sometimes throwing them in the 'too hard" basket.

If Alan slept then Gerard and I would talk about stuff and vice versa. They both worked as computer technicians, which is how they met, and pretty early on it became obvious to me that some of my ideas about reality were pretty hard for them to hear. They were always open-minded enough to let me speak though, and they'd bounce things off me. We talked sporadically about some of the ideas in the CWG books that were relevant to that moment, or about a particular insight I'd had, or how you might apply some of the ideas to your daily living, and it sparked much interest and debate.

I found out about a year later that Alan and Gerard had both decided to give the books a read a few months after our trip, which was brilliant.

It was always reciprocally enlightening, being in their company. They were an absolute mine of information about all sorts of things and we never ran out of topics to discuss. And it wasn't long before I threw away my return bus ticket and we leisurely drove me around some of the most beautiful South Australian countryside on a very scenic route back to Melbourne.

We went through quaint little towns that they'd found on previous jaunts, and I saw the constantly changing landscape from high lookouts and wide open roads.

I've experimented with stretching time ever since I first discovered that when you fall in love, you can make a kiss last an eternity.

You can also make a boring flight pass more quickly if you get good at it, or create an atmosphere at a party where a deep, lengthy, important conversation that seems to last for hours, passes in only twenty minutes. I've always liked bending and stretching time to suit my needs and on that trip it happened constantly, but it felt out of our hands for the most part, like we were caught in a strange time-warp so we just surrendered to it. And the best part was, it wasn't just me saying it, we all were.

We "parked" out the next night in a back street of a village. We got there quite late at night, and parked the car at what appeared to be a dead end street, with no neighbours to annoy.

The next morning, we were mildly shocked to discover that we'd parked only a short distance away from the municipal dump! A few curious Jersey cows had congregated at the fence beside the car as well, and from beneath thick eyelashes, they were casually eyeing its sleeping inhabitants. The next night we were in the Barossa Valley, slightly more prepared, and we woke up to a gorgeous view of a hillside covered in rows and rows of lush green grapevines and blue sunny skies.

Once we got back to Victoria, we made for the Grampians, where time seemed to bend and take on a mind of its own again. No matter how we tried to stick to a schedule, or drive faster it just seemed to take a really long time to get back to the City.

We saw wild deer in the mountains though, which I loved, and we used the drive to delve a little deeper into our exchanges. My cheeks welcomed the break too as they'd begun to ache a little due to all the laughing I'd done over the last few days, and especially that last day. Alan had let loose with some of his real life death-defying adventures at around lunchtime and he had me crying with laughter a few times.

He really is Batman if all that stuff is true, and he told them like it was. So at around dusk, the tone changed slightly and I got to hear about a poltergeist that he'd lived with for over a year, and some other pretty far-out stuff that had happened to him. Gerard spent some time wanting to discuss the Akashic Field, so I fielded questions from both of them about that for awhile. We talked about reincarnation, dimensions of reality co-existing in the same space without knowing about each other, consciousness, the astral world, the Noetic Sciences Institute, a whole lot of stuff that I really love and it was a nice way to leave things.

We'd gone from being complete strangers to all being deeply transformed in some way by our meeting, in three and a half days. We'd trusted in our flexibility in each moment, and stretched ourselves beyond our normal comfort zones, creating or participating in large and small miracles, so it seemed, at every turn.

We used our brains, which came as a great joy to me as I don't get to talk quantum physics with many of my disco friends. It's not their fault I know but it was a nice change. I also knew that I'd helped to open up their perspective in many ways, as they did for me, in HUGE ways.

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My heart knew that I had been drawn to them because their soul's urge for change, and expansion, had already begun, by nudging them into unconsciously creating the conditions for me to enter their lives. I'd definitely sent out a call for them too, for the same reasons. The difference was that they had no idea I was coming along.

I, on the other hand, had been certain that I would find them. We finally made it back to Melbourne sometime around 9 pm that night. It was a lot later than we all thought we'd be back by, and we'd all been together non-stop for 3 and a half days.

On our way home, I told them where I lived and it turned out that Alan lived just around the corner from me! It was nice, as dropping me off didn't pose any inconvenience at all.

We swapped numbers and said our farewells amidst bear hugs and kisses goodbye. It was good to be home, back to my bed, but I could've kept going for at least another day if I'd had to. They dropped me off right to my front door. I'm forever in their debt for everything they shared with me, for their kindness and generosity and for behaving like perfect gentlemen the entire time. Men like these are really rare but if you are one them, you should try going to an eclipse!

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As Christopher would stroll over to shake hands and begin discussing how the area is generally and anything they should think about. Subsequent to moving into the space, Natalie would stroll in warm up pants and a tank-top around the house she would note different webs and the abnormal leftovers of a previous existence that was left laying near.

She go into the examination room which was in the second floor of the house that looked out to the slopes with a decent sweeping window see, she would take note of the old dusty work area that appeared to be immaculate in a long time. The seat looked strange on further examination uncovering that it had no residue on the seat despite the fact that the work area had dust, I moved the seat away from the work area and looked under it one of her enormous tits dropping out of her tank top as she twisted around, just to uncover clusters of cum splashed everywhere throughout the underneath of the work area.

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She deliberately took her finger and scooped some up, watching it gradually attempt overflow down without a snapshot of reasoning she popped it into her mouth for a taste, it was unquestionably cum. Natalie didn't have the foggiest idea what came over her and she chose to lick her finger dry of the bizarre cum. Before long her areolas developed erect, I mean this was a frightening sexual circumstance that came to fruition, I mean new cum that originated from a man's penis just arbitrarily splashed in her home.

Like a corrupted prostitute, Natalie before long fired licking up the rest of the cum that was splattered wherever like a pooch, she didn't have the foggiest idea what was coming over her.

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Christopher strolls into the house. I shouted to you? Scents somewhat musky in here. Perhaps we should get the jack of all trades out to check for shape? Christopher strolls around the room. I need to call him this evening to ensure it jumps on his schedule? Simply after he meanders out back to the kitchen, at that point back to the front room does he stop. Everything good? She would remove her jeans and underwear uncovering her tight pussy that was splashing wet, she would fall into the bath as she irately scoured her clit to attempt to calm the freshly discovered emotions that came over her.

Christopher meanders around the kitchen, spends the following couple of moments calling the jack of all trades. He attempts on different occasions to traverse, holding up a couple of moments between each call before leaving a voice message to get him to get back to. After around 10 minutes has passed, Christopher begins to acknowledge he is ravenous. Needing to check in with Natalie, he meanders around the house searching for her.

Beginning the principal floor, he meanders from space to room, recalling that Natalie said she needed to utilize the washroom. So Christopher's checks the one on the main floor, and Natalie isn't there. Understanding his misstep, he strolls upstairs to the main room, strolling in and shouting to Natalie. As he is met with a bolted entryway, he thumps on the entryway "Natalie, you there? Natalie would stop quickly stunned at what she was doing despite the fact that she herself was doing it to herself actually, as befuddling as a sentence that simply was it was genuine "No doubt I am in here, is everything alright?

I simply needed to perceive what sort of sandwich you needed. You are acting somewhat unique? Did you notice Derrick scoffing at you? In the occultist Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, the Gurdjeff disciple Karl Haushofer, the ace pilot Lothar Waisz, Prelate Gernot of the secret "Societas Templi Marcioni" The Inheritors of the Knights Templar and Maria Orsic, a transcendental medium from Zagreb met in Vienna.

They all had extensively studied the "Golden Dawn", its teachings, rituals and especially its knowledge about Asian secret lodges.

Sebottendorf and Haushofer were experienced travellers of India and Tibet and much influenced by the teachings and myths of those places. During the First World War Karl Haushofer had made contacts with one of the most influential secret societies of Asia, the Tibetan Yellow Hats" dGe-lugs-pa.

This sect was formed in by the Buddhist reformer Tsong-kha-pa. Haushofer was initiated and swore to commit suicide should his mission fail. The contacts between Haushofer and the Yellow Hats led in the Twenties to the formation of Tibetan colonies in Germany. The four young people hoped that during these meetings in Vienna they would learn something about the secret revelatory texts of the Knights Templar and also about the secret fraternity Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein "The Lords of the Black Stone".

Prelate Gernot was of the "Inheritors of the Knights Templar", the only true Templar society. They are the descendants of the Templars of who passed on their secrets from father to son - until today. Prelate Gernot apparently told them about the advent of a new age - the change-over from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. They discussed that our solar year - according to the twelve revolutions of the moon - was divided into twelve months and thus the revolution of our sun around the great central sun the Black Sun of ancient myths was also divided into twelve parts.

Together with the precession of the cone-shaped proper movement of the Earth due to the inclination of the axis this determines the length of the world age. Such a "cosmic month" is then 2, years, the "cosmic year" 25, years long.

According to the Templars the next change is not just an ordinary change of the age, but also the end of a cosmic year and the start of an absolutely new one. The main part of the discussions dealt with the background of a section of the New Testament, Matthew For there Jesus addressed the Jews:. Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.

The complete original text that is kept in the archives of the "Societas Ternpli Marcioni" says it even more clearly. But the point is: In that text Jesus actually names the "people", He talks to Teutons serving in the Roman legion and he tells them that it is THEIR people that he had chosen. That was what Sebottendorf and his friends wanted to know for sure: That the Teutonic, i.

the German, people were commissioned to form the realm of light upon Earth - in the "Land of the Midnight Mountain" Germany. The place where the ray would meet the Earth was given as the Untersberg near Salzburg. What was the legend of the Untersberg mountain, at which Hitler spent many hours gazing from his study in the Berghof? Historians guess that, like King Arthur, Frederick Barbarossa is buried there, waiting for a call to arise from the dead to come to his country's aid in its hour of need.

That is not the legend of the Untersberg, though. InTemplar Komtur Hubertus Koch, returning with a small party from the Crusades, passed through Mesopotamia, and near the old city of Nineveh in modern Iraq, received an apparition of the goddess Isais first child of goddess Isis and god Set.

She told him to withdraw to the Untersberg mountain, build a house there and await her next apparition. Whether that is true or not, inKoch erected his first Komturei at the foot of Ettenberg near Markt Schellenberg. A second, larger structure followed.

It is believed that over the next few years, underground galleries were excavated into various areas of the Untersberg, and in one of them a temple to Isais was built. A second apparition occurred in and were repeated on occasions until During this period the Templars received Die Isais Offenbarung, a series of prophesies recently published and information concerning the Holy Grail. The Templars at Jerusalem had knowledge of these visitations, over which the Church drew a veil of silence.

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What follows is only tradition, but may be of interest. It is the German tradition that the Templars were ordered to form a secret scientific sect in southern Germany, Austria and northern Italy to be known as "Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein" - The Lords of the Black Stone - or DHvSS for short, and this is said to be the true, hidden meaning of SS.

The Holy Grail "Ghral" is holy stone, Persian-Arabic was said to be a black-violet crystal, half quartz, half amethyst, through which Higher Powers communicated with humanity. It was given into the safe-keeping of the Cathars, and smuggled out of the last stronghold at Montsegur, France, and hidden, by four Cathar women on the night of 14 March There is a Cathar legend that years after the destruction of the Cathar religion the Holy Grail would be returned to its rightful holders, DHvSS, or the SS?

It may be of interest to note in this connection that the Tea House designed by Hitler and built atop the Mooslahnerkopf at Obersalzberg, the stone pavillion still standing today, bears a striking resemblance to Montsegur when viewed at certain angles from the foot of the great rocky outcrop. Whether this was a coincidence remains in the mind of the beholder. At the end of September Sebottendorf met with members of the "Lords of the Black Stone" at the Untersberg to receive the power of the "Black-Purple Stone" after which the secret society was named.

The "Lords of the Black Stone" who formed out of the Marcionite Templar societies in led by Hubertus Koch who had set as their aim the fight against evil and the building of Christ's realm of light. The themes they tried to link to politics were scientific magic, astrology, occultism and Templar knowledge as well as "Golden Dawn" practices like Tantra, Yoga and Eastern meditation. Some of the most important teachings influencing the Thule-Gesellschaft was the Aryo-Germanic construction of religion Wihinei by the philosopher Guido von List, the Glacial Cosmology by Hans Horbiger and a leaning towards the anti-Old Testament early Christianity of the Marcionites.

The innermost circle at any rate had vowed to fight World Judaism and Freemasonry and its lodges. In the eyes of the Thule Gesellschaft, from which later emerged the DAP German Workers' Partythe NSDAP National Socialist German Workers' Partythe SS Schutzstaffelthe Jewish people who had been charged by the Old Testament god JAHVEH to "raise havoc on Earth" were the reason why the world was always caught up in war and discord.

Far from being a fringe secret society, the Thule Gesellschaft had members that reached into the German Aristocracy. It essentially had all of the beliefs expounded by Rosenberg and was the group that Hitler first came to at the beginnings of his rise to power. It was at this time that the Prime Minister of the Bavarian government, Kurt Eisner a Jew was assassinated by a disgruntled young count Anton Graf Arco, who had been refused admission to the Thule Society, presumably because he was of Jewish decent.

Here we can understand that elitism and racism was an important part of the belief systems of those who formulated the early Nazi doctrine. Indeed, the whole idea of brotherhood that typified freemasonic beliefs was at odds with what the Thulists believed. He spread his propaganda through Der Munchener Beobachtera newspaper that he purchased because he needed an avenue with which to spread his profane doctrine.

As conditions in Germany worsened, it became clear that much of the population was ready for a change. Food had become very scarce and most Germans were hungry and some were even starving.

People were reduced to eating dog biscuits and horsemeat. The mark had lost most of its value and discontent was spreading. It was in this atmosphere in which many began to long for and fanaticize for a better world and fundamental change in Germany.

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There were fights in the streets and beer halls as well as fights between occult and political groups. Members of these groups were not averse to using terrorism to gain their political aims and to put it as briefly as possible, the Thulists wanted to bring together all the anti-Semitic forces in Germany into forceful political action, both legal elections and illegal terrorism.

The common theme of the more successful occult groups has always been to hold economic views in keeping with the politics and interests of the wealthier classes. In so doing wealthy patrons and converts can help finance the movement and give it an air of legitimacy.

This was violently demonstrated when Hitler betrayed the S. who were the working class Germans that assisted Hitler on his way to power. The German elite as well as the SS wanted to rid themselves of this proletarian riff-raff and thus, during the night of the long Knives, the SA or Brownshirts was done away with by Hitler and the Elitist SS. It all started with the Thule Gesellschaft, pagan, anti-Semitic, right-wing aristocratic society founded by a Freemason and Eastern mystic named Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff.

Registered under the name "Thule Gesellschaft" as a "literary-cultural society", in order to fool the communist Red Army now controlling Munich, this group had originally been known as the Germanenorden, or the German Order of the Holy Grail.

was and

The Germanenorden had an impressive series of initiatory rituals, replete with knights in shining armor, wise kings, mystical bards and forest nymphs, including a Masonic-style program of secrecy, initiation and mutual cooperation. But they were not copying the ideological cts of Freemasonry.

What the Germanenorden became was, essentially, an anti-Masonry: a Masonic-style society dedicated to the eradication of Freemasonry itself. Their symbol was a Swastika on top of a long dagger, and their beliefs had been influenced largely by the writings of Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels. Liebenfels had founded the neo-pagan, Sswastika-waving "Order of the New Templars" on Christmas Day,along similar ideological lines.

In that same year, occult researcher Guido von List began The List Society, part of a then-developing "volkish" folkish movement extolling the virtues of Norse heritage, heritage which could be traced by reading the Edda, a compilation of Icelandic legends which Hitler would later take great interest in.

The volkish movement itself was based in part on the ideas of Madame Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society famous for her books Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. She wrote that humanity was descendant from a series of imperfect races which had once ruled the earth, and which all had a common Atlantean origin dating back millions of years, culminating in the Aryan race, which had at one point possessed supernatural powers but had since lost them.

She also romanticized about the occult significance of the Swastika, of Lucifer, "The Light-Bearer", and of a cabal of spiritual "Hidden Masters" called the Great White Brotherhood, who guided human evolution from their abode in the Himalayas and who Blavatsky herself purported to channel during her many self-induced trances.

And the philosophy of List and Liebenfels took this a bit further, to the extent that the Aryan race was the only "True" humanity, and that the Jews, along with a host of other undesirables, or "minderwertigen" "beings of inferior value" were sapping the race of its strength and purity through the evil machination of Christianity, Freemasonry, capitalism and Communism.

They believed that the Aryan race had come from a place called Thule, the north pole, where there was an entrance to a vast underground area populated by giants. Among the volkish cults it was believed that - as soon as the Germans had purified the planet of the pollution of the inferior races - these Hidden Masters, these Supermen from Thule, would make themselves known, and the link which had been lost between Man and God would be forged anew.

These were the beliefs of the members of the Thule Gesellschaft when they met on November 9, to discuss something of immediate concern; The Communist control of Munich. After a rousing speech by Sebottendorf, the Thule Society began to prepare for a counter-revolution, stockpiling weapons and forming alliances with other like-minded groups, such as the Pan-Germans, the German School Bund and the Hammerbund. The following year, on April 7, a Bavarian Soviet Republic was proclaimed in Munich, causing the Prime Minister of Bavaria to run off to Bamberg in order to prevent a total Communist take-over of the government.

Sebottendorf got busy organizing an army of Freikorps Freekorps to counter-attack. One of the units of the Freikorps, the Ehrhardt Brigade, later became part of the German Army, and eventually, part of the S. On April 26, the Red Army raided Thule headquarters and began making arrests, including the well-connected Prince von Thurn und Taxis. On April 30, Walpurgisnacht, they were executed in the Luitpold High School courtyard. The Thule Society organized a citizen rebellion, which was joined by the 20,member Freikorps, and together they marched, "beneath a Swastika flag, with Swastikas painted on their helmets, singing a Swastika hymn.

But there was much work to be done. The Soviet threat was still very real. With the help of the local police and military, the Thule began organizing a more full-scale national revolt, using connections with societies of wealthy intellectuals. We all know what the Nazi party went on to accomplish. What most people do not know is the extent to which those actions were inspired by the occult beliefs of their perpetrators. The most extreme aims of the Thule Society would all eventually become official policy of the Third Reich, while its purely metaphysical and occult characteristics were adopted wholeheartedly by the S.

Hitler himself was fascinated by the occult. Hitler loved Wagner, as we know, especially The Ring Cycle, Parsifal, Lohengrin and Rienzi. It was from Wagner that Hitler gained his affinity for knighthood, chivalry, and the Quest of the Holy Grail, a pagan, Teutonic Grail.

InHitler was at war, and while in the trenches, wrote a poem, one which "sings the praises of Wotan, the Teutonic Father God, and of runic letters, magic spells, and magic formulas. There is doubt, however, as to whether or not Hitler actually performed any magical operations himself.

Tthis was not in his nature, a nature inclined towards action, doing stuff, accomplishing things here on Earth, in the 3rd dimension. He did not have the time and the patience necessary for real spiritual endeavors.

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Hitler was a paranoid and the occult holds special attractions for the paranoid. But Hitler as a cultist? As a black-robed, ritual-performing, invocation-chanting priest of Satan? Probably not. In fact, a number of people deeply involved in the occult would have great influence on him and play essential roles in the development of the Third Reich.

It would do us well to examine them one by one. Eckart had a tremendous effect on Hitler, and it was he who first introduced Hitler to all the wealthy and powerful people he needed make his crusade possible, including Henry Ford, who would later contribute "vital financial support" to the Nazi party.

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From Eckart, Hitler learned a great deal about the esoteric sciences, and it is said that they occasionally attended seances and talked to ghosts.

Eckart, who died after the Beer Hall Putsch, is quoted as saying, "Hitler will dance, but it is I who play the tune. One of these policies was that all of the Masonic temples in all of the Nazis occupied territories were to be raided, and the goods shipped back to Rosenberg himself.

This was done by Franz Six and Otto Ohlendorf, both occultists.

Rosenberg was also friends with another occultist named Walther Darre, who became agricultural minister of the Third Reich. Together they ran around the nation drumming up support for an official state religion based on the worship of the Old Gods, a religion that included purifying the Aryan race of elements that were in the process of polluting it and diluting the strength of its blood. Inafter his Nazi Party had lost much ground in the Reichstag, and his mistress Eva Braun had shot herself on Halloween Night, Hitler turned to his friend Erik Jan Hanussen, a well-known astrologer and occultist whom he had met back in Hanusen is supposed to have taught Hitler a number of exaggerated gestures to use in public speaking, ones which could be seen and understood from far away, and which would communicate a message through body language even if a person could not hear what he was saying.

Sometime a dog would be sent on a suicide mission to pull the root while the magician plugged his own ears. Hanussen performed the ritual himself, and on January 1st of came to Hitler predicting that he would return to power on the 30th of that month, a date roughly equivalent to the pagan sabbat of Oimelc. Of course, as is known to history, that is exactly what happened.

A few weeks later, during a seance held on February 26, Hanussen predicted that the Communists would make another attempt at revolution in Germany, one that would begin by setting an important government building on fire. The next day the Reichstag was in flames and Hitler had all the excuse he needed to go from Chancellor of Germany to Fuhrer of the Third Reich.

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Six weeks later, Hanussen was mysteriously murdered. In the memoirs of Walter Schellenberg he is described as "a Munich physician who belonged to the intimate circle around Hitler". He was an "intimate" of the Thule Society and was way into the occult. Hess introduced Hitler to one of his professors, Karl Haushofter, a man with an interest in astrology who claimed clairvoyance. He was vital in forming the Nazi alliances with Japan and South America, and was responsible for the adoption of the Lebensraum "Living Space" policy, which stated that "a sovereign nation, to ensure the survival of its people, had a right to annex the territory of other sovereign nations to feed and house itself.

The S. Schutzstaffel was originally formed as a personal bodyguard to Hitler, and numbered around when Heinrich Himmler joined. But when he rose to its leadership inthings changed a bit.

Four years later, membership had soared to 52, He established headquarters at a medieval castle called Wewelsburg, where his secret inner order met once a year.

Each member had his own armchair with an engraved silver nameplate, and each had to devote himself to a ritual of spiritual exercises aimed mainly at mental concentration. The focal point of Wewelsburg, evidently owing much to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, was a great dining hall with an oak table to seat twelve picked from the senior Gruppenfuhrers. The walls were to be adorned with their coats of arms.

Underneath this dining hall there was kept a so-called "realm of the dead", a circular well in which these coats of arms would be burnt and the ashes worshipped after the "knight" had died. There are tales of Himmler using the severed heads of deceased S. officers to communicate with ascended masters. In addition to this, each knight had his own room, "decorated in accordance with one of the great ancestors of Aryan majesty.

Outside of the inner order, SS officers were discouraged from participating in Christian ceremonies, including weddings and christenings, and celebrated the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas.

The traditional day of gift exchange was switched to the day of the summer solstice celebration. These ceremonies were replete with sacred fires, torchlit processions, and invocations of Teutonic deities, all performed by files of young blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan supermen.

Although Himmler admired the ceremonial nature of Catholicism and modeled the S. partially on the Order of the Jesuits, he also despised Christianity for what he considered its weak, masochistic nature. He held further resentment because of the persecution of German witches during the Inquisition. Himmler, along with Richard Darre, was responsible for absorbing The Ahnenerbe Society "a kind of seminary and teaching college for the future leaders of the Thousand Year Reich", into the S.

The Ahenenerbe was devoted to some odd volkish studies, each of which had a subdivision dedicated to it: Celtic Studies, Externsteine near Wewelsburgwhere the world-tree Yggdrasil was supposed to reside, Icelandic research; Tibetan research, Runic studies; a strange new twist on physics called the "World Ice Theory", an archeological research in an effort to find evidence of past Aryan presence in remote locations all over the world, such as South America, giving rise to "Aryans discovered America" stories.

Another theory propounded by Himmler was that babies that had been conceived in cemeteries would inherit the spirits of whoever was buried there, and actually published lists of cemeteries that were good for breeding because of the Teutonic heroes resting therein. Himmler was obsessed with the concept of the Holy Grail, and hired researchers to try and prove that the Grail was actually a Nordic pagan artifact.

Himler was obsessed by the idea that British Intelligence was being run by the Rosicrucian order, and that occult adepts were in charge of MI5. Whether or not that was true, the Germans were certainly not the only participants in the war using the power of magick to their advantage. Levenda provides the details of a "Cult Counterstrike" organized by the intelligence agencies of the U. and Britain, an effort centering around the "most evil man in the world", the Great BeastAleister Crowley.

Crowley had gone to live in New York during WWI after being rejected for military service by the British government, and began writing "pro-German propaganda" for a magazine called The Fatherland, published by George Viereck. Crowley took over as editor. He later claimed that he had really been working for British Intelligence, because his articles were so outlandish that the journal was reduced to absurdity, a caricature of serious political discussion, which would help the British cause more than harm it.

There is some evidence to suggest that Crowley was working for MI5 during this time, spying on his fellow OTO initiate Karl Germer, a German intelligence agent, so perhaps his excuse for working for The Fatherland is sound. Whatever the case, he was definitely hired by MI5 during WWII. Wheatley also introduced Crowley to yet another MI5 agent, Maxwell Knight. The scheme involved an Anglo-German organization known as "The Link", a supposed "cultural society" which had once been under the leadership of Sir Barry Domville, Director of Naval Intelligence from to The Link had been investigated by Maxwell Knight in the s because of its involvement in German spy operations, and was soon dissolved after much incriminating evidence was found.

As Levenda describes, Fleming "thought that the Nazis could be made to believe that the The Link was still in existence, they could use it as bait for the Nazi leadership. The point was to convince the Nazis that The Link had sufficient influence to overthrow the Churchill government and thereby to install a more pliable British government, one which would gladly negotiate a separate peace with Hitler.

The suggestion came in the form of fake astrological advice passed on to the gullible Rudolf Hess, who was already under the delusion that only he could talk the British into peace with Germany, and that it was his destiny to do so. One of his staff astrologers, Dr. Ernst Schulte-Strathaus, under British employ, encouraged Hess to make his mission to England on May 10, a significant date because of a rare conjunction of six planets in the sign of Taurus.

The Duke of Hamilton was also enlisted to let Hess know that he would be happy to entertain him should he plan to go through with such an endeavor. So Hess, a trained pilot, embarked on a rather dangerous solo flight to the British Isles, parachuting into Scotland donned in various occult symbols, where he was immediately arrested by the waiting Brits.

Fleming tried to obtain permission for Crowley to debrief Hess in order to develop intelligence on the occult scene in the Third Reich and particularly the Nazi leadership. But this permission was denied, and Hess spent the rest of his days in prison not being much use to anybody.

What could have been a major propaganda coup against the Nazis went utterly wasted, as if by tacit agreement on both sides. Crowley continued trying to help the Allied cause, but most of his ideas were rejected. One, however, while initially dismissed, was later implemented. This involved dropping occult pamphlets on the German countryside that predicted a dire outcome for the war and depicted the Nazi leadership as Satanic. A forgery of a popular German astrological magazine called Zenit was created and dropped onto enemy battlefields.

It was set for full-scale distribution, but the delivery was intercepted by the Gestapo before it could be completed. Besides Crowley, there were other occultists involved in the fight against the Third Reich. Lodge in California as well as a charter member of both Cal-Tech and the Jet propulsion Laboratory, invented the "Greek Fire" rocket propellant which was widely used by the United State Navy between and It was a solution that could have only come from someone with a working knowledge of the arcane lore of alchemy and magic.

He had been driven crazy and proclaimed himself the Anti-Christ after becoming involved with one "Frater H", who was actually a spy sent by Naval Intelligence to infiltrate the O. Ron Hubbard! There was also a Golden dawn initiate named Sam Untermyer, an attorney and wealthy philanthropist once called a "Satanist" by a British newspaper. Untermyer started the "Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights" and the "World-Anti-Nazi Council", which both promoted the boycott of German products.

He also donated money to the hunt for Nazi agents coming into New York.

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And with the help of a man named Richard Rollins, he started a secret society called "the Board" which engaged in counterespionage against Nazi groups who were recruiting in the United States.

World War II was a magick war, and a holy war, a war in which both sides consider themselves to be fighting the forces of evil. It was a war operated behind the scenes by mystical adepts using their esoteric knowledge of symbolism, astrology, meditation, astral travel, clairvoyance, and mind control against the enemy. don't think this is what Chris cowboy has in mind when it comes to a peeler.

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