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Shake Down on Sacker Street A tale of intrigue and nudity at the Sacker Street Hotel. Backyard Fun Harmony uses her backyard as a toilet. A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. Joan Takes Charge Ch. My Pooping Experience She watched me poop. My Private Bathroom Listening to my female roommates using the toilet. Things get a bit naughty. A Crappy Holiday Get Together A strange, intimate and embarrassing holiday get together.

  Kate undergoes severe training to earn a direct commission. Wetting myself while drunk at a party but I'm not alone. Intense scat couple fuck session. Jan disciplines Steve's girlfriend and Kate helps her. and other exciting erotic stories at!   Lila's desperate in the car. Her BFF Adam can hardly resist. Autumn gets constipated on a camping trip. Anna's gift from Jane leads to very dirty tasks. It's on its way, liebchen, it will be the taste of paradise! and other exciting erotic stories at! My Private Bathroom. Author's note: This is largely a fetish story about people using the bathroom. My name is Emily. I'm an anxious, awkward person who has trouble making friends. In my mids, I finally moved out of my parents' place

Free Relief, Assisted by Magic A mom and son begin to enjoy using their floors as toilets. Shared Bathroom Adventures Ch. Roweena's Super Poop! Two best friends.

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One intestinal adventure. Nanobotic Toilets Ch. Martian Mores Standards of privacy in a Martian colony are truly alien.

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Nanobotic Toilets Thanks to technology, girls poop and pee wherever they want. The Scat Chronicles Pt. Shared Bathroom with Coed Roommate Ch. Amber and the Toilet Slave The story of a cruel dominatrix. Shared Bathroom with Coed Roommate Embarrassing, intimate experiences shared.

But first, today, she must hold it in and stay here and take her deserved punishment. Beth quietly pleased for permission to go out and pee, but Kendall told her it wasn't going to happen. Finally, she ordered Beth to hold her skirt up, leave her panties down, and squat. The girl adopted the humiliating position as Kendall slipped a large glass bowl under her haunches. Beth was red-faced as she felt the increasing pressure of her bladder and finally she gave in as the pee shot out of her and hit the bowl with a ping, easily filling it halfway.

Having been inside her for some time, and Beth had avoided drinking that morning knowing what could happen, the bowl's contents were quite deeply colored golden. Kendall retrieved the bowl and held it up for the assemblage, who clapped for the result. Then Kendall reached into her handbag and withdrew a large diaper, with bunnies on the outside, that was large enough to fit the diminutive Beth.

She motioned for Beth to stand and lie back on the table. Beth was now in the infamous diaper position, with her legs up in the air and all of the private places between her legs on display. Now, her mother-in-law placed the humiliating diaper on her, slipping it under her little bottom and rather noisily undoing and refastening the tapes.

Beth was told to stand and looked totally ridiculous wearing the diaper. Sally enjoys treating her sister-in-law like a child so I have also made her Beth's babysitter.

If she feels Beth has misbehaved or is even getting cranky, Sally may take down her panties or her diaper and give her a nice spanking.

Kendall smiled at her friends in the audience. really, that's brilliant stuff-especially the part about the younger daughter punishing the sister-in-law And would love to have you dominate me like you do to Beth. I feel sissies need to be humiliated in public as often as possible. I love dominant women and real kinky sex, especially lesbian scat and pee play.

So my toilette training is a little kinky-er and a lot more hardcore. I am a 37 year old 5'9" European and my lover is a 34 year old, beautiful 6'3" African American, she enjoys having me follow her into the bathroom when she uses the toilette and have me lick wipe her anus clean, almost as much as I love doing it for her, we go a lot further but I don't think you need a picture. This isn't the story I was expecting, but still "Toilet Training Elizabeth" was some very enjoyable reading, thank you.

COVID RESOURCES. LIT CAMS Free Tokens ADULT TOYS VOD MOVIES. Log In Sign Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Michaela wore a red tank top and pajama pants that evening, and her dark hair hung loose past her shoulders. In the dim light of my laptop screen, she looked beautiful.

it's my little sister. She's 26 years old.

An 18 year old girl discovers a new fetish - shares with mom. An omega is forced to come off her heat suppressants. Revenge is best served in the form of liquid shit. She gets her pants charmed off her. When Alice poops herself things start to escalate. and other exciting erotic stories at!

And I'm almost All alone. Instead of replying, Michaela leaned into me. We hugged for the first time. She pressed her face against my shoulder, and I felt the wetness of her tears.

Carefully, I rested my hands on her lower back. I'd never had close female friends before. This was the kind of situation I dreamed about - a moment of intimate vulnerability.

My body hummed with sexual tension, of course. Michaela was pressed against me, soft and warm, and I held her close.

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Michaela gradually calmed down, though we continued holding each other. We talked in soft voices for a while, almost whispering. Our faces were only inches apart.

For a quarter of a second, I felt the softness of Michaela's lips the slick chapstick she wore She scrambled across the bed, away from me. COVID RESOURCES. LIT CAMS Free Tokens ADULT TOYS VOD MOVIES.

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Swipe to see who's online now! Fetish My Private Bathroom. My Private Bathroom. Story Info. bathroom fart intimate poop pooping private roommate toilet voyeur. Share this Story.

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Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. You need to Log In or Sign Up to have your customization saved in your Literotica profile. Click here. Author's note: This is largely a fetish story about people using the bathroom.

I'm an anxious, awkward person who has trouble making friends. This was an interesting chapter of my life. At 9pm on the first day, I got a knock on my bedroom door.

Really. And literotica girl poop possible

That's totally fine," I said. I'll try to be fast. The door was thinner than I'd realized. Even when Michaela closed it, I could hear everything. I stood, heart racing, and stared at the door. Was I really about to hear?

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A minute passed. Hey, Emily? You know, stinking up your bathroom Her face was still red as she exited the bathroom. She shut the door tight behind her.

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You can use my bathroom whenever you want. I can't always cum when I masturbate, but that night I got off hard.

Still breathing hard, I passed out and slept like a baby until morning. Then she sent a laughing emoji. I heard her butt slap down on the toilet seat. There was one second of silence, and then - My eyes went wide. I stood frozen, listening. I could feel my armpits sweating. At 9pm, I got another knock on my door.

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I paused my TV show. I felt happy to see her. Michaela just nodded. After a few minutes, I heard her voice through the door.

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Then her hand reached out. I tossed her the toilet paper and closed the door.

We both laughed, blushing. At about 6am, I heard my bedroom door creaking, and I blinked awake. I'll only be a minute. I gd. As I scrambled to cover myself, Claire's eyes darted across my body. She smiled. Listening, Michaela reached out and touched my arm.

Literotica girl poop

Kiss me, I would think. Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me Then she'd pat my shoulder as she stood up.

Kendall grinned. "So as a good mother-in-law," Kendall persisted, "I decided that even at 25, some girls still need good, old-fashioned toilet training." Elizabeth blushed deeply as she heard those words but she also felt her panties getting wet with uncontrollable excitement at the humiliation she was about to   Your ad is answered, your messy fantasy becomes a reality. Anna and Jane go to the gloryhole and have a messy bikeride. Anna has some unexpected desperation as spring break begins. Anna introduces Jane to her naughty desperation games. and other exciting erotic stories at Literotica Kerry slid her fingers under the waistband of Sara's panties. She put her fingers against Sara's throbbing pussy. She leaned close and whispered in Sara's ear, "I want you to poop for me, you dirty girl. I want you to fill your panties. I want to feel your pretty white panties as you poop." Kerry's tongue parted Sara's lips as she finished

See you tomorrow night, Emily. I instantly froze. Claire ignored the sound. I heard her lean back against the bathroom door. After a short pause, she asked, "You don't have a boyfriend, Emily, do you?

Before marriage (I was 18), I was "fortunate" to find a very pretty (18 y.o.) girl. She was a nympho. I've never got so much pussy since, including marriage. She wanted to fuck all the time. We fucked before bed, before breakfast, left work and fucked on our lunch hour, then as soon as we got off work & to our apartment. She loved oral, both ways The 5'0" tall and 95 pound asian teen girl's poop was thicker than any grown man's penis and longer than virtually all of them too. She estimated it was probably almost a foot long and sooo thick. Big fat turd. She measured with her size 5 shoe and noted that her turd was at least several inches longer. She had a nice long morning pee about 40 She grabbed the sides of her ass and pulled them apart and proceeded to wipe herself off on the corner of the bumper of the shiny black SUV. Once, twice she wiped. Once done, we walked hand in hand down the row to our car, leaving her pants and panties on the ground for the lucky SUV owner to find

Even through the door, I could hear the pain in her voice. I see.

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When I opened that bathroom door, I found her sitting on the floor. I helped her to her feet.

Claire gave me a long look.

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