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The chairs in front of his desk will have been moved to one side. I will stand in front of the desk, and give him this essay.

He will put it aside, and will start to fill in the record book he keeps. Also on the desk will be the cane.

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IN the record book he will write my name and age and what I have done. Then he will tell me where to stand. I will take off my blazer and put it to one side. Then I will told to tuck up my skirt, and put my knickers down to my ankles.

Then I will need to touch my toes. Only after this will I actually get the cane. Mr Williams will swing the cane hard against my bottom, making a swishing sound followed by a crack when it hits me.

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There will be an agonising pain across the line where the cane hit. This will happen six times. Each time, I will tell Mr Williams how many I have had. After this has happened six times, I will be allows to stand up, but must put my hands on my head. Mr Williams will write down that I have been caned in the record book. When he has done this, he will tell me to thank him for the caning.

After this, I will be allowed to put my knickers back up, let down my skirt, put on my blazer and go to my lesson. This is despite how much my bottom will hurt. After the caning, I will not be putting soap on the stairs again. I am very sorry for what I have done, and fully agree that I have deserved this punishment.

We would never recommending disobeying a nun if you are girl at a Convent School. The consequences may prove very painful, as they exercise their prowess with the cane or the paddle.

The follwing exchanges took place on Twitter over the past few days, as Kathryn Moore, a Sixth Former at a prestigious Girls Boarding School, tries to find out if she can avoid the experience of being caned for her conduct. Kathryn Moore morekaz Jan Just been busted sneaking back into school from pub after gates close. Helen Taylor hellsbellstayls Jan Kat! So bad. Who by?

Kathryn Moore morekaz Jan Mrs Hewitt. Bet I need to MRr K tomorrow. Kathryn Moore morekaz Jan Pished? But she was funny, going on about being safe and knowing where we were. Helen Taylor hellsbellstayls Jan If she thought were laughing because you were drunk - god help you. Kathryn Moore morekaz Jan Oh. What can she, do really. Helen Taylor hellsbellstayls Jan Tell Mr Knight. Emma Lewis Emsyhorse Jan Kathryn.

How late? Kathryn Moore morekaz Jan Gates at Emma Lewis Emsyhorse Jan Nearly two hours! Kathryn Moore morekaz Jan Detention or lines or something.

Korean girl spanking

Confined to grounds. Kathryn Moore morekaz Jan So. Bit more sober this morning.

Painful Lessons: The 'whip of love' has been used for 'educational' purposes in South Korea for hundreds of years - until footage of a primary school teacher A Japanese spanking. The women doing the spanking sit in a traditional Japanese manner on tatami mats. If you notice they do not sit in a western way. Their legs are under their bottoms as if they are kneeling. If almost looks as if they will loose control of the naughty girl. But S. Korean PM to meet young Japanese people, Korean nationals in Tokyo. Arirang News. Korean-Korean girls vs Korean-American girls. Get Girls. cane corso 8 months VS korean jindo dog 2year. Furryjealous

Got caught coming in. told Mrs Hewitt she was being silly. Bit drunk. Lake back. Prob be reported to Headmaster. How bad could it be?

Sara Hughes Shuggstobeme Jan Detention? Confined to grounds?

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Anything else on cards at your school? Kathryn Moore morekaz Jan Well. Harriet Smith smithhatter Jan Last year, four girls got the cane for being over an hour late back.

And being drunk. Kathryn Moore morekaz Jan Fuck!

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Fuck no! She is probably "playing to the gallery", as the caning does not appear to be all that hard. The second student makes rather less fuss over her eight strokes, but there is still much rubbing of buttocks. The third girl is exemplary, marching up to the blackboard and taking eight brisk strokes calmly and without demur.

Video clips of Korean schoolgirls being caned or paddled. Clip 3 of 10 - Mass schoolyard caning Duration: 30 seconds Date: This film, of very poor technical quality, shows more than a dozen female secondary students in a schoolyard, viewed from an upstairs window An Essay by Sarah Townsend 10C. At Everwood School, the Cane is used as a punishment when girls have seriously broken the rules. This may be because what they did was dangerous, or foolish, or a repeated breaking of lesser rules. I put soap across some of the steps on the stairs in the Old Building VIEWERS were left outraged after a "spanking model" revealed she was forced to drop out of university because of the vile abuse she received from classmates. Appearing on Channel 5? Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

Here we see four schoolgirls who have evidently been called out to the front of the class to be paddled. Each in turn stands facing the blackboard and receives five swats from their female teacher on the seat of the uniform skirt.

This film, of very poor technical quality, shows more than a dozen female secondary students in a schoolyard, viewed from an upstairs window. They are presenting themselves in the classic Korean "push-up" position to receive a caning across the seat of their uniform skirts, supposedly for violating the school's hair regulations.

A male teacher gives them one or two quick strokes each. This looks like a routine punishment, and the strokes appear to be mild.

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Nevertheless, some of the girls clutch their buttocks as they stand up after being disciplined. In a Korean high school, a female student is summoned to the front of the class to be caned for being rude and lying.

She is reluctant to come forward and appears to be challenging the teacher, perhaps denying guilt, but he insists. She comes to the desk and is given five strokes of the cane on the seat of her skirt.

She remains standing up for this, rather than being made to adopt the push-up posture which is more usual in Korean school caning. There is nothing jocular about this episode, although the strokes are not especially hard. The girl holds her bottom at the end of the punishment. In this improved version of the clip, the ct ratio has been fixed so that the student and teacher now appear the correct shape during the caning.

In a class of younger students, two girls are lightly caned, apparently as they pack up to leave at the end of the lesson. Each comes up to stand facing the blackboard, and the schoolmistress administers five rapid taps with the cane on their school uniform skirts. This is clearly not a serious punishment. I think the girls' yelling in reaction to it, and holding their bottoms afterwards, is meant as a joke.

Certainly there is laughter, including from the teacher at one point. This is a news item from Korean TV. What's more, Ella's tutors also told her that "porn and law don't mix" and urged her to drop the profession altogether.

Discussing her decision to drop out of uni, Ella said: "I feel like I was being crushed more and more. Despite dropping out of her course in Southampton, Ella then joined the Open University to complete her law degree which she now uses on an everyday basis to help understand her rights as a porn star.

Horrified viewers quickly took to Twitter as the show aired to express their sympathy for Ella who felt like she had no choice but to drop out.

One said: "Watching Channel 5 Student Sex Workers and it's actually disgusting and so sad that one girl dropped out of her law degree at that particular uni because of how much hate she was getting from fellow students.

Another added: "She shouldn't have been subject to hate and bullying and the university should have done to [rectify] that. Praising Ella's determination to progress with her studies independently, the original user wrote: "Universites really need to ensure [they] do as much as they can to try and stop things like this and de-stigmatise these professions.

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However, not everyone was so sympathetic towards Ella - with some arguing that she had "chosen a lifestyle" that most students couldn't afford. Insisting that students can get by without turning to sex work, one disgruntled viewer wrote: "Just say you like doing sex work and go. Similarly, another replied: "A sad old word when people are getting more excited about earning money by prostituting themselves than getting an education.

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