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Votes: 9, A love story between an ex-boxer and a blind telemarketer. Movie mood: Happy. Not Rated min Comedy, Drama, Romance.

A young man sees a drunk, cute woman standing too close to the tracks at a metro station in Seoul and pulls her back. She ends up getting him into trouble repeatedly after that, starting on the train. Director: Jae-young Kwak Stars: Tae-Hyun ChaJun Ji-hyunIn-mun KimSong Wok-suk. Votes: 46, A love story between an engineering student and a girl he meets on a train.

The film stars Lee Byung-hun and Soo Ae. It won Best Film and Best Director for Jo at the 15th Chunsa Film Art Awards in Director: Geun-shik Jo Stars: Lee Byung-hunSoo AeChoi Deok-moonSeok-yong Jeong. Votes: A love story between a city boy and pretty country girl.

Director: Jae-young Kwak | Stars: Tae-Hyun Cha, Jun Ji-hyun, In-mun Kim, Song Wok-suk. A love story between an engineering student and a girl he meets on a train. 6. Geuhae yeoreum Error: please try again. Once in a Summer (Hangul) is a South Korean The Korean island in love with sex. In a culture often considered to be traditionally conservative about sexuality, South Korea's Jeju Island is breaking taboos with 'ROMP' MISS Married teacher, 27, 'had sex with boy, 13, in front of pupil in her classroom' after texting him 'I want to F*** you every day with no time limit'Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Director: Ji-eun Kang Stars: Cho Seung-wooKang Hye-jeongJu-yeon ByeonJin-young Jung. Pretty good movie about a boy in love with a girl who tells him many outrageous things to cover up for her true situation.

A love story between two childhood friends. G min Drama, Romance.

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Seung-Min doesn't recognize the woman at first, but then realizes the woman is Seo-Yeon. Seo-Yeon is his first Director: Lee Yong-ju Stars: Tae-woong EomGa-in HanLee JehoonBae Suzy. Votes: 3, A love story between first loves. A teenage girl tries to continue her normal social and school life, after her grandfather forces her into an arranged marriage with a man in his twenties. Director: Ho-joon Kim Stars: Rae-won KimMoon Geun-youngSun-yeong AhnBo-kyeong Kim.

Votes: 5, A movie about an arranged marriage between the grandchildren of two friends. The catch? The boy is a new teacher and the girl is a high school student at the same high school. A love story between a student and her teacher. Thirty-year-old Yun-woo bumps into a high school student in the elevator while on his way to work. His heart starts pounding at this teenager's boldness. At a subway station, KANG Sook Director: Jang-ha Ryu Stars: Yoo Ji-TaeYeon-hee LeeJeong-an ChaeKang In.

A love story between a 30 year old man and a high school student, and a 22 year old man and a 29 year old woman. A college student finds a diary detailing a long-ago love triangle involving her mother, her future father, and his best friend. Director: Jae-young Kwak Stars: Son Ye-jinIn-Sung JoCho Seung-wooKi-woo Lee. Votes: 8, A love story between a city girl and a country boy pastand the city girl's daughter and a guy in the drama club present.

Director: Jong-kwan Kwon Stars: Jung Woo-sungLim Soo-jungTae-Hyun ChaJung-ah Yum. A love story between a firefighter and his girlfriend; a girl and her unemployed boyfriend; a mother and her son motherly love ; and a deaf girl working at a theme park and a guy she meets there.

Movie mood: Sad, obviously. Ina voice actor moves from Il Mare, a seaside house, and leaves a Christmas card in its magical mailbox. An architecture student receives it inand a friendship separated by 2 years begins. Director: Hyun-seung Lee Stars: Jung-jae LeeJun Ji-hyunMu-saeng KimSeung-yeon Jo. A love story between two people that live in the same house during different time periods communicating via mailbox.

Not Rated min Drama, Romance. A marriage of convenience between a petty gangster and an illegal immigrant he has never met has unforeseen consequences for them both. Director: Hae-sung Song Stars: Choi Min-sikCecilia CheungDae-Hoon JeongHyeong-jin Kong.

A movie about falling in love with a person you've never met. A love story between an obsolete gangster and an illegal Chinese immigrant he has never met. The heart-warming romance story between Kyungjin and Myungwoo. Even though he has passed away, he will be always with Kyungwoo forever.

Director: Jae-young Kwak Stars: Jun Ji-hyunJang HyukSoo-Ro KimKi-woo Lee. Votes: 7, A love story between a Physics teacher and a young female police officer. A college student befriends two cute girls his age.

He loses contact with them. He tries to find them years later. Director: Han Lee Stars: Tae-Hyun ChaSon Ye-jinEun-ju LeeYong-woo Park. A love story between a boy and two girls.

Jae-Kyung Hyun-Bin is a tough guy, who is a high school senior,If he turns 19 years means, he could be a millionaire by inheriting his deceased grandfather's wealth.

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Unfortunately his Director: Tae-gyun Kim Stars: Hyun BinYong-joon ChoLee Kan-HeeDo-hyeon Lee. A love story between a rich boy and a country girl. Mi-na, a high school student living alone with her mother, dreams of having the perfect boyfriend. But can any man hope to live up to her image of the ideal partner? Director: Eon-hie Lee Stars: Lim Soo-jungRae-won KimMi-sook LeeJang-Su Bae.

A love story between a buoyant photographer and a girl with a chronic illness and a deformed hand. Two students, separated in time, are somehow able to talk to each other using amateur radio, one in and the other in Director: Jeong-kwon Kim Stars: Yoo Ji-TaeHa-neul KimHa Ji-WonDo-Yoon Kim.

Similar to Il Mare as they are both about love between two people from different time periods; however, Ditto has a twist.

A love story between a guy living in the year and a woman living in communicating through radio. Not Rated min Comedy, Drama, Music. Former acclaimed dancer Na Young-sae Park Keon-Hyeong attempts to make a comeback after his opponent, Hyun-soo Yoon Chanpurposely injures him at a dance competition.

At the suggestion Director: Young-hoon Park Stars: Moon Geun-youngKeon-hyeong ParkSong Ha-YoonYu-mi Jeong.

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A love story between a former renowned dancer and girl from China that knows nothing about dancing. An irresponsible and childish ex-con befriends a girl with cerebral palsy and develops a progressively stronger bond with her. Director: Chang-dong Lee Stars: Sol Kyung-guMoon So-riAhn Nae-sangSeung-wan Ryoo. A love story between moderately mentally disabled man just released from prison and a woman with severe cerebral palsy. A talented but obese girl, who ghost-sings for a not-so-talented pop star, undergoes extensive plastic surgery to become a slender beauty with a new identity.

Director: Yong-hwa Kim Stars: Ju Jin-MoKim Ah-jungDong-il SungHyun-sook Kim. There's more to love than looks but looks certainly help.

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A love story between an obese singer that undergoes plastic surgery and her company's director. A struggling for love, Baseball players discovers he has terminal illness and meets a girl who has had a crush on him since times immemorial. The twists and turns of events bring them together. Director: Jin Jang Stars: Jae-yeong JeongLee Na-YoungJeong Gyu-SuKim Hye-jung.

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A love story between a baseball player and a girl who has loved him from afar. Not Rated min Drama, Mystery, Romance. The 2 each have a car accident and end up in a coma. After a year the younger wakes up but behaves like and claims to be the older brother.

Is he and will the wife accept it? Director: Young-hoon Park Stars: Lee Byung-hunMi-yeon LeeLee EolSeon-yeong Park. More of a thriller than a romance, but it still has love as an underlying theme.

A love story between a man and his brother's wife. Not Rated min Romance. A Korean company analyst rear-ends an American man's car then discovers he's her new boss. Unlucky at love, she begins to take romance lessons from him in order to seduce him. Director: Sang-woo Kim Stars: Uhm JunghwaDaniel HenneyHolly Karrol ClarkJoong-hyeon Bang.

A love story between a woman and her new boss. R 88 min Crime, Drama, Romance.

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A transient young man breaks into empty homes to partake of the vacationing residents' lives for a few days. Director: Kim Ki-duk Stars: Seung-Yun LeeHee JaeHyuk-ho KwonJin-mo Joo. The minimal dialogue in this movie may deter some. A love story between a drifter and an abused housewife. A man from a wealthy family who should be in his second year of college, is still finishing his highschool requirements.

His family hire a tutor for him who is his own age but she comes from a poor background.

Director: Kyeong-hyeong Kim Stars: Ha-neul KimSang-Woo KwonIl-seob BaekJi-woo Kim. A love story between a rich, struggling male high school student and a poor female university student. While a man is out of town, a con-woman claims to be his fiancee and moves in with his family.

Director: Hyeong-jun Bae Stars: Ha-neul KimDong-won GangJae-ho SongJee-Young Kim. A love story between an ex-convict and a naive country boy. About a tragic love triangle story involving young painter Hye-young, Interpol detective Jeong Woo, and professional hitman Park Yi. Director: Andrew Lau Stars: Jun Ji-hyunJung Woo-sungSung-Jae LeeSara Bernardo Aires. Votes: 6, A love story between a painter and two guys: an Interpol detective and a hitman. Hahn Suk-Kyu suffers from a fatal disease. He meets Shim Eun-Ha and falls in love with her.

Will their love story have a tragic ending?

K-pop stars Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon sentenced to jail for rape

Director: Jin-ho Hur Stars: Han Suk-kyuEun-ha ShimGoo ShinJi-hye Oh. A love story between a male photographer and a female parking agent. Director: Tae-Yeon Won Stars: Sang-Woo KwonLee Bo-youngBeom-su LeeJong-hak Choi.

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Not Rated min Drama, Fantasy, Romance. Summoned by an unexpected phone call, an elderly woman visits the country cottage she lived in as a child.

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Memories of an orphan boy she knew 47 years ago come flooding back to her. Director: Sung-hee Jo Stars: Song Joong-kiPark Bo-YoungYeong-ran LeeJang Young-Nam.

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Tae-Il lives a fast life as low level thug. He then learns that he has a terminal illness and not much time left to live.

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For the first time in his life falls in love. The woman's name is Ho-Jung. Director: Dong-wook Han Stars: Jung-min HwangHye-jin HanIl-woo NamKwak Do-won. A love story between a gangster and the daughter of a man with a debt to pay. Movie mood: Sad Romance type: drama. Gu-chang meets a sweet, cute girl, also a college student.

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They date. Later, he discovers her dissociative identity disorder, when she becomes vicious at times.

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And they allegedly groped each other during class while other pupils were distracted with a video. Zamora faces ten counts of sexual misconduct with a minor and two counts of molestation - which she denies.

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The teacher, now 28, was arrested in March last year after her alleged victim's horrified parents found nude images and explicit material on his phone. Now, it has emerged that one of her alleged sordid trysts with the child took place in her classroom - as another boy watched. AZ Central also reports that the pair sexually touched each other while oblivious students watched a video, police records show.

It is one of numerous seedy encounters between Zamora and the teenager, according to video, police interviews and footage of Zamora's arrest obtained by the newspaper.

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One photo allegedly shows a photo of the boy's phone with messages between himself and the teacher. Under the name "mrs. Another message reads: "I want you too baby so bad! Whenever we can you know I'm down" with a love heart emoji. Police also photographed dozens of what they alleged were love notes swapped between Zamora and the teen - who cannot be named for legal reasons.

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She used a programme called Classcraft to talk to students outside of school - including her supposed victim. Zamora, who started at the school a year before the allegations emerged, allegedly had sex with the teen at least four times between February 1 and March 8 last year. In one instance she is alleged to have performed a sex act on him in her car - and again in a classroom. On another occasion the boy claims she contacted him at midnight and drove to his grandparents' house so he could sneak out to be with her.

Zamora allegedly responded: "I know baby! I want you every day with no time limit If I could quit my job and have sex with you all day long, I would. The boy's distraught parents are suing Liberty Elementary School District claiming that school authorities did not do enough to protect their son.

They are seeking ?1.

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