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You could be surprised at the differences and choose a college that has more relaxed standards. This way, you can set the course of your education to better align with your academic goals.

Magna cum laude students are very close to a 4.

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A GPA of 3. Or maybe you decided to challenge yourself, and you took a lot of difficult courses on unfamiliar topics.

You may not have earned the highest grades, but you pushed yourself to be a better learner. It all comes down to your GPA. Yes, high grades are of utmost importance, but there can be some variation even within a university.

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While your school may have set GPA standards for a Latin honors designation, your engineering program may have its own set of criteria. Going above and beyond might be the standard at the school you attend.

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Some schools require their highest students to do more and have a higher GPA. This can only be achieved by taking advanced-level courses and scoring the highest grade possible in these courses. Now you can see why these designations are so important.

They require true grit, determination, and higher thinking skills. Why would you want to get this distinction? It could also be an essential element in your entire body of professional work and lead to a higher income level in the long run.

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Many students who achieve these honors are singled out by their school in a ceremony called an honors convocation. Convocation is similar to graduation but only includes those high-ranking students.

Mihaela's graduation with Magna Cum Laude - December 22, 2010

Students wear their cap and gown, and sometimes faculty and students give speeches. You could also receive a certificate or other symbol of your academic prowess.

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People who are critical of the Latin honor system say that placing a lot of significance on GPA encourages students to take easy classes and not expand themselves educationally.

They can help put you on the right path and help you select classes that will give you advanced credits toward your GPA. Remember, a summa cum laude designation is the highest available, but magna cum laude is just below that, often only separated in GPA by 0.

Many colleges have these other common academic awards and honors, all of which can be included on your resume:. Honors student.

Magnum cum laude gpa

Different schools have varying honors programs, but in general, students either enroll in honors-students-only classes or change regular classes into honors classes by taking on a more advanced workload than their peers.

In either case, completing your degree in an honors program shows that you were willing to go above and beyond in your field of study. All of which demonstrates great professional qualities that, making it immensely helpful for landing your first internship and first few jobs.

The bar is usually around the same as it is for cum laude 3. This could take into account GPA and other factors such as participation in advanced programs, if there are many students in a class with the same 4.

Magna cum laude is an academic honorific used by educational institutions to signify that an academic degree was earned with notable distinction. The Latin phrase means "with great praise." Magna Magna Cum Laude GPA. Magna cum laude means "with great honor" and is a higher distinction than cum laude. It is generally given to students in the top of their class and the estimated average GPA would be For some schools, magna cum laude is the highest possible honor. Summa Cum Laude GPA For example, at the University of Michigan's College of Engineering, graduates must have a GPA of at least to qualify for summa cum laude, while Michigan's Law School graduate needs a

Academic distinction. AP Scholar.

The AP Scholar Award is given to high school students who score a 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. You can also earn an additional honor or distinction for getting even higher scores of 3. Tips for Putting Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude on Your Resume Italicize the phrases.

All Latin words and phrases are italicized when written in the context of the English language.

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That rule applies to your resume, so be sure to write them out as magna cum laude and summa cum laude. Lowercase the phrases.

  magna cum laude: at least a total GPA (grade point average) and a class rank in the 85th percentile or above in the student's school or college. summa cum laude: at least a total GPA (grade point average) and a class rank in the 95th percentile or above in the student's school or radiodelmolino.comted Reading Time: 8 mins   Requirements to graduate magna cum laude: Top 10of students or those with GPAs from to Requirements to graduate cum laude: Top 20of students or those with a   Cum Laude students generally have a GPA of to Magna Cum Laude students are typically expected to score somewhere between and Summa Cum Laude students will have a

Both of these phrases should be kept as stand alone items. The most convenient place to list your Latin awards is either directly below or beside your degree. You can also include a GPA in parantheses to give more context.

You can also mention these honors in your resume summary statement.

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Related: Do You Put Dean's List on Your Resume? When and How to Include It. The requirements to earn a magna cum laude designation vary by school.

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For certain colleges and universities, this may be their highest honor. Many higher-education institutions are made up of different schools and departments, administrators may calculate your GPA compared only to your immediate cohort.

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For example, if you are an engineer, your school may compare your grade-point average GPA only to other engineering students. Related: How to List Magna Cum Laude on a Resume. Summa cum laude, which means "with highest honor" in Latin, is the highest academic award designated for students in the top one to five percent of a class or those with a GPA between 3. Like the magna cum laude honor, the requirements for summa cum laude may vary by institution and department.

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It's likely that you need a 4. Usually, the only way to earn above a 4. Related: Find Your GPA With Our Calculator. Summa cum laude is the highest Latin honor awarded to students with the highest GPA 3.

Since there is no national standard for these awards, the GPA your school requires may vary. There are three different Latin honors you can achieve. From the lowest to highest honor, they are cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude. Each of these honors signifies that you are a high-achieving student. Latin honors tend to be a collegiate designation, although some high schools may also award these honors to their students.

Related: How to Calculate College GPA and Why You Should Know Yours.

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An honors convocation is an annual celebration where institutions recognize their students for their academic achievements. This is a longstanding tradition for many colleges and universities and is a joyful celebration for high-achieving students and their families.

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Most schools reserve this event for students who are graduating rather than those who have yet to finish their degrees. During the ceremony, most schools ask the students to wear their cap and gown. This event usually takes place around the same time as graduation, so you may have a series of similar events to attend at the same time of year. Faculty members and the highest-achieving students may give a few speeches throughout the ceremony.

  cum laude: "with honors" (or "with praise"). GPA requirements range from , or even starting as low as These graduates are in the top of their class, depending on their institution. magna cum laude: "with high honors" (also "with great honors" or "with great praise") Cum laude grade point average estimates: gpa for cum laude - to ; gpa for magna cum laude - to ; gpa for summa cum laude - +. Magna cum laude gpa and summa cum laude gpa can tie, broken by additional factors   Summa cum laude is the highest Latin honor awarded to students with the highest GPA (- or top one to five percent) while magna cum laude is the second-highest honor awarded to students with a GPA between an or top 10 to 15 percent. Since there is no national standard for these awards, the GPA your school requires may vary

Similar to graduation, a faculty member may announce your name as you walk on stage. During this moment, you may accept your award as a photographer takes your picture.

After all the scholars receive their honors, a faculty member says a final word. After the ceremony, schools usually hold a reception where family, faculty and scholars can gather to converse and celebrate. Related: How to Write a College Student Resume. Along with Latin honors, colleges and universities may give students these other types of awards:. Valedictorian and salutatorian: These are two of the highest possible honors you can earn upon graduation.

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