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Lady grey nude fable

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i cant have sex with lady grey in fable anniversary. Close. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. i cant have sex with lady grey in fable anniversary. some people have reported that they are getting the green aura after doing some sexy poses and giving her gifts, but they are not getting the option to have sex with her when they interact with her

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  Pretty much all you need to do to do the nasty with Lady Grey is to be nice to her, and give her compliments. Women like that kinda stuff, give her gifts as well. Emerald, Black roses, rubies, jewelry, you see it buy it for her. She will appreciate it. Be sure to do the emotes that let you flex your muscles and blow her kisses and that sorta thing For Fable II on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Hot nudes of lady grey".Estimated Reading Time: 1 min   Fable Anniversary. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Getting it in with Lady Grey I'm having issues with this, spouses have lines that recognize being shirtless and nude (one for each)

in: Article stubsAnniversary projectFable Anniversary Clothing. Lady Grey Cosplay Dress. Edit source History Talk 0.

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This article is a Stub. It is good to have the spells: SUMMON SLOW TIME PHYSICAL SHIELD ASSASSIN RUSH any other spells are good to have but you should have a pretty good level of these ones. now armor; I suggest the chainmail suit helmet, shirt, leggings, boots, gauntlets.

massive damage inflicting weapons are great to have survive during the arena any obsidian weapon will suffice. Also Buy tons of potions go to the shop and buy as many health potions and will potions.

Buy about 1 or 2 ressurection phials, and what ever money left over buy some food.

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Now you are ready to fight in the magnificent arena. Once you get there a gaurd will lead you to the preperation area. Roth will tell you the rules then you wait there. When the guy who was fighting dies it is your turn. When you get out there the commentator will introduce you.

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Then you fight. first off kill the ones with the staffs so no one can shoot you with magic. now continue to kill them with your melee weapon until the round is over. take out the weapon with the silver augmentation you used to kill the white Balverine in Knothole Glade.

The Lady Grey Cosplay Dress is an outfit exclusive to Fable Anniversary. It can be bought from a merchant in Bowerstone North. Cosplaying; the excuse to dress up in tight and revealing clothing. So go on, throw a curveball into the mix - purchase this for a man and get him to shout 'It's a Trap!' when another man stares. Priceless   Lady Grey returns in Fable II through a quest called Love Hurts. Her appearance and personality change drastically from Fable to Fable II due to her resurrection. She is more capable of love than she was in life, on account of the nature of her revival, and seems to have lost her manipulative, power hungry edge Scroll down to read our guide named "Seducing Lady Grey" for Fable on Xbox (Xbox), or click the above links for more cheats. Tweet If you have no clue how to marry the beautiful Lady Grey, then have no fear Forrest is here (you can't already be married to someone else if you want to marry lady grey.) contents radiodelmolino.comtone North radiodelmolino.comge 1.)

now use the spell SLOW TIME or SUMMON or both and whack the bagezis out of those balverines. eventually you will fight White Balverines just repeat the process. Since they're so slow go as far away as possible and shoot them with your bow.

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when they get near you run to a different spot and shoot. use mana if you perfer to get will experience. so use SUMMON; by now you should be able to summon a balverine or an undead. Switch back to the weapon you were using before the balverines.

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Either melee them or hide behind a trap and shoot with your bow. first of all use SUMMON and SLOW TIME. Focus on one troll.

and attack its back; when time goes normal, use SLOW TIME again and repeat. PHYSICAL SHIELD is good too. just dodge its charges then when it glows green use SLOW TIME and attack its face.

when time goes normal againrun. wait for him to glow green then do the process over again.

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Use SLOW TIME and SUMMON. If you can't hit her use ASSASSIN RUSH to get behind her. when her life gets low she begs for mercy you can either run back to the cells or kill her.

If you killed Whisper Thunder will be furious. But either way Lady Grey will congradulate you and invite you to Bowerstone North. Transport to Bowerstone South and walk up the stairs near the cullis gate.

the gaurd will let you in. Bowerstone North is pretty small but I like it.

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There isn't much to do here but seduce lady grey. Lady Grey likes to play hard to get and will make you do a few tasks.

Lady Grey's character model in Fable II is designed with male characteristics. Since she has unlimited health, using the blades spell on her will cause her to roar like a male bandit. Since there aren't female bandits, Lionhead never created a female enemy stagger  !!! Lady Grey Disappeared!!! So I chose not to leave the mansion and marry Lady Grey. I accidently proposed to her with a 2 star ring and she got a little upset. She didn't run away. However, I did ask her to follow me upstairs and she never came. I went back downstairs and now she is gone If this didn't work: kenryoku1's Fail-safe method to sleeping with Lady Grey. 1. Give her an inexpensive gift (perfume, red rose, etc.) 2. Do Manly arm pump, Hero pose, Flirt and Giggle. 3. Repeat step 2 4. She should now be green 5. Now talk to her and she should say something about going to bed

Task 1. She wants you to give her a gift.

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She won't accept chocolates or a wedding ring. She wants one present in particular. Run to the shop in Bowerstone North and buy a BLACK ROSE. Give it to her and move to task 2 Task 2.

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She won't marry a poor man so you need to own a house. If you don't own one already go to bowerstone south and buy the one there.

Fable Anniversary Mayor's Invitation(Marrying Lady grey) side quest Walkthrough

Task 3. Lady Grey lost her neckalace! this is pretty long so take the shortcut.

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