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Applications for conference funding will be considered by a committee composed of the director of honors research, the director of the Global Scholars Program and the directors of the Findlay, Munroe and Lane scholarship programs.

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Because of budgetary considerations, even well qualified projects may not be awarded funding. Students who receive funding back must complete a report on their presentation to the director of honors research no later than Reading Day of the semester in which the conference occurs. Students who do not make a presentation as planned must repay to the college any funds received.

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Because of the limited funding available, college funding will be available for no more than one conference per student. Alpha Kappa Psi.

Alpha Kappa Psi, the first professional fraternity in business, was founded at New York University in and chartered at Wesleyan in Students with a business major or minor are eligible for membership. Members must have high moral character and satisfactory academic standing. Alpha Lambda Delta. This national scholastic honor society recognizes outstanding academic achievement during the first year. Founded nationally ina chapter was established at Wesleyan in To be eligible for membership, first-year students must be enrolled full-time, earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.

Beta Beta Beta. Beta Beta Beta is a national honor society for biologists. Rising juniors and senior biology majors are chosen on the basis of academic achievement, both in the major and in general scholarship. Kappa Mu Epsilon. KME, a specialized honor society in mathematics, established the Georgia Epsilon chapter at Wesleyan in KME was founded in to promote the interest of mathematics among undergraduate students.

Its chapters are located in colleges and universities of recognized standing which offer a strong mathematics major. The chapters' members are selected from students of mathematics and other closely related fields who have maintained standards of scholarship, have professional merit, and have attained academic distinction.

Mortar Board.

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The Crown and Scepter chapter of Mortar Board was founded at Wesleyan in Mortar Board is a national senior honor society founded for the advancement of women. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, and service, and is offered to a select group of rising seniors every spring.

Phi Kappa Phi. The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is a national honor society recognizing academe achievement in all departments.

The Wesleyan chapter was established in It seeks to stimulate scholarship in all fields of learning.

Only those juniors who are in the upper 7. Character and service are also considered. Phi Sigma Iota. The International Foreign Language Honor Society began in at Allegheny College. The Sigma Omicron chapter of Phi Sigma Iota was established on the Wesleyan campus in The Society seeks to recognize outstanding achievement and abilities of students pursuing a curriculum which emphasizes foreign languages, literatures, and cultures.

Students who have completed at least three semesters at Wesleyan, who have reached at least the fifth semester level of the foreign language they study, and who have a 3.

Pi Gamma Mu. Installed at Wesleyan inPi Gamma Mu is a national honor society in social science. Psi Chi. A chapter of Psi Chi, a national honor society in psychology, was established at Wesleyan College in To be eligible for membership, a student must have declared a major in psychology, completed eight semester hours of psychology, or six semester hours and registered for at least two semester hours in addition. Grade point averages of 3.

The Wesleyan Convocation Series contributes to a strong academic atmosphere for students, faculty, and staff by bringing to the campus outstanding scholars and performers in varied areas and providing opportunities for meaningful community service. In addition to providing enrichment beyond classroom experiences, the Convocations also serve the purpose of providing a time for the entire campus community to meet together.

The Convocation Series will support the mission of the college. Criteria for Convocations Convocations should contribute to the campus's academic atmosphere. Ceremonial occasions celebrating the life and accomplishments of the Wesleyan community Fall Convocation and Honors Day Convocation, for example and endowed lectures such as the Belk Lecture, the Carnes Lecture, and Transforming the South are vital to the campus environment.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features The Lucy Lester Willet Memorial Library offers a variety of print and electronic resources to support student research and the College curriculum. The library's strong liberal arts core collection includes more than , books, 33, microforms, and more than print and online periodical subscriptions. The library provides extensive electronic resources, including more than

They also offer opportunities for students to explore academic and co-curricular interests outside of the classroom. Convocations provide occasions for students to question and explore the issues that affect their lives and futures. Convocations should be organized with a clear academic goal in mind. Events must go beyond a conversation among students to include expertise not available within the general student population faculty, staff, community members, etc.

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Club meetings and events designed for smaller groups of students a class, for instance are not appropriate for a Convocation.

Wesleyan College shall offer 20 convocations per semester. The complete Convocation calendar will be released on or before the first day of classes each fall and spring semester.

The deadline for submitting Convocation requests for the fall semester is May 1.

If the maximum number of 20 convocations is not reached at that deadline, additional requests are due August 1. The deadline for submitting convocation requests for the spring semester is October 1. If the maximum number of 20 convocations is not reached at that deadline, additional requests are due November 1. Convocations may be scheduled for am on Thursdays, evenings, or weekends. Convocations will not be scheduled for am on Tuesdays.

Any materials purchased with funds from the Programs and Exhibitions Committee budget are the property of Wesleyan College and should be housed where they are accessible to the College community. Campus constituencies may certainly hold events that are not part of the convocation series. Also, opportunities for quality events often arise suddenly; events may be funded through Programs and Exhibitions that are not part of the convocation series.

To earn convocation credit, students must be present for the entire event.

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Furthermore, students must behave professionally during the event. Lack of adherence to these guidelines constitutes an Honor Code violation, and the student will not receive convocation credit for the event. Each fall and spring semesters, all Wesleyan students have the opportunity to have earn a 0. However, credit hours earned do not apply towards graduation. To earn the 0. For Fall Semester: 6 Convocations; Attendance at Fall Convocation will count as two Convocations b.

For Spring Semester: 6 Convocations total; Attendance at TBD number of Celebrating Student Scholarship presentations will count as two Convocations. Each term, no later than the last class day before finalsStudent Affairs will inform the Registrar of the students who attended the required amount of convocations. The Registrar will add students to the Convocation class and post an A grade. Instructional Technology Program.

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The objective of the Instructional Technology Program is to prepare women to live in the twenty-first century by teaching them to use the computer as a tool for learning, thinking, and communicating.

To this end, the college offers courses in alternative electronic hybrid and online formats. Students in "hybrid" courses meet approximately half of the time in classroom or laboratory sessions and half of the time in collaborative online settings.

Students in "online" courses interact predominantly through collaborative online means. Because some face-to-face interaction is essential for instructional continuity, electronic courses must involve a preterm meeting to orient students to the technology and requirements of online work. Wesleyan College requires all full-time students to have a personal computer which meets minimum specifications.

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For information or current specifications, contact the Director of Computer and Information Resources at Wesleyan is committed to providing students with the opportunity to use technology appropriate for their field of study.

Students have access to both private e-mail and access to WesPortal, the College's intranet. The use of the systems must comply with the College's network policy which fully supports the EDUCOM Code for the protection of software and intellectual rights.

Wesleyan College provides students with Wi-Fi wireless network connection throughout the campus. These connections afford students the opportunity to browse the Internet, conduct research, and develop an appreciation for the ever-changing world of digital information.

Several computer laboratories and electronic classrooms are available for specialized activities such as scanning, statistical analysis, multimedia development, multimedia presentations, and Web page creation.

Most courses involve direct use of computer and web-based resources. The Jenzabar learning management system facilitates sharing course resources, grading, bulletin-board and chat-based discussions.

Students have access to electronic databases and Georgia inter-library loans and downloads as well as extensive use of virtual exploration programs and electronic simulations.

Transfer, Dual Degree and Articulation Agreements. Wesleyan College provides programs that, under certain conditions, facilitate student transfers from several junior colleges in Georgia and North Carolina. Current articulation agreements include Andrew College, Georgia Military College, and Louisburg College.

For more information, contact the Registrar's Office. Under limited conditions, Mercer University and Wesleyan College allow their students to cross-register for courses at each other's institution. Other cross-registration collaborations include Acadeum and RIZE.

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Wesleyan College offers students a variety of online courses through Acadeum, a network of accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings. Cross-registration courses provide you an opportunity to get ahead in coursework or to repeat a course to improve your grade point average. Courses will affect your grade-point average just like a Wesleyan College course. Besides standard tuition and Wesleyan fees, there are no additional charges for summer classes completed through Acadeum.

Although, course fees apply in the fall and spring semesters. You may use Wesleyan College financial aid. Required textbooks are not provided and must be purchased on your own.

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Grades earned for courses attempted through cross-registration will count in the Grade Point Average at the home institution. Contact the Registrar's Office for approval before considering this option. Study Abroad Programs. The International Study Abroad and Exchange Program of Wesleyan College provides outstanding academic opportunities.

These programs extend the boundaries of our campus, widen our educational horizon, and encourage personal and academic growth through semester, summer, or year-long studies in a variety of countries.

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Wesleyan College is an associate member of the International Education of Students IES consortium which provides access to a wide range of institutionally approved international programs in popular destinations around the world. Wesleyan College is also a member of MISEN Methodist International Student Exchange Network which provides access to international programs in the MISEN network. Wesleyan College also has direct exchange agreements through the Business Education Initiative with Queen's University in Northern Ireland and with the following institutions:.

Additionally, Wesleyan College has a Memorandum of Understanding to promote academic collaboration and exchanges with Guangzhou University, South China Normal University, and South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China. Wesleyan College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate degrees and master's degrees.

Neither Sookmyung Women's University, Ewha Woman's University, Osaka University, South China Normal University, Guangzhou University, South China University of Technology, nor Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland herein referred to as partner institutions is accredited by the Commission on Colleges, and the accreditation of Wesleyan College does not extend to or include these partner institutions nor its students. Although Wesleyan College accepts certain course work in transfer toward a credential from the partner institutions, or collaborates in other ways for generation of course credits or program credentials, other colleges and universities may or may not accept this work in transfer, even if it appears on a transcript from Wesleyan College.

This decision is made by the institution subsequently considering the possibility of accepting such credits. Undergraduate students must have a 3.

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Each student preparing for international study abroad is required to participate in an orientation session the semester before the international program begins and make a presentation after she returns to Wesleyan. The orientation session explores observing other cultures, language learning outside of the classroom, journal writing, as well as practical health, safety, and financial concerns.

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Students are expected to keep a journal of their experiences to share with the Wesleyan community following their return home. Course pre-approval will be coordinated by the Study Abroad Committee through the student's academic advisor, the Provost of the College, and the Registrar of the College. Application for study abroad must be made on forms provided by the Study Abroad Center in Tate Hall.

Our cooperative agreement programs may require additional applicant fees or deposits.

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Applications will be available by early December. The application for a direct exchange includes a letter of recommendation from the student's academic advisor.

The application process may be competitive, and all application materials are due by February 1. Students will be notified as soon as possible regarding their acceptance and placement. The cost of each institutionally approved international program varies.

Program costs are dependent upon the student's financial aid and the type of program in which the student enrolls. Students may apply for the Royal Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad. Contact the Study Abroad Office for more information about the royal Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad. Other scholarships are provided by IES, Phi Kappa Phi, and the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information about these scholarships.

Internship and Professional Development Experience Programs.

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Wesleyan College's Professional Development Experience PDE Program is a significant component of Wesleyan's overall academic curriculum.

Through this program, students are able to relate theory to actual practice, reflect upon issues and concepts related to their experience, and gain valuable work experience while continuing their academic studies. Two levels of practical experience carry corresponding course descriptions.

For the beginning student, a lower division course, Field Studyserves as an introduction to special areas in a career in which a student is interested. Bertrand Quoniam Professor as Professor.

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